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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Stick man jump [Android]

Stick man jump poster
Stick man jump screenshot 1
Stick man jump screenshot 2
Stick man jump screenshot 3
Stick man jump screenshot 4
Stick man jump screenshot 5
Control movement of a funny character jumping from one obstacle to another swinging on the rope. Start a dynamic journey across the fantasy levels of this Android game. Tap the screen of your device to make the hero grab hold of small bellflowers hanging in the sky. Do it with the help of a rope. Let the finger go in the needed moment to make the swinging hero fly every time higher and perform breathtaking jumps. Gather bonuses and boosters appearing on the way. Add new characters to your collection.

Game features:

  • Many interesting levels
  • Different characters
  • One finger system of controls
  • Incredible boosters and bonuses
  • Board of leaders

Download Size: 60.2 MB

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