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Friday, April 2, 2010

Tabloid Tycoon

The main theme of this game is to manage the tabloid business that is to handle a newspaper company. You have the charges to make it more and more popular and to make it a hit press media in the country. You have to hire the best reporters include the best news and to hire the best photographers and get it done. The best part of the game is to make more and more kind of money through the readers and thus make a good amount of money. The charge of being manger is not safe you have to be secure from rumors because people need a good and interesting news with majority of truth in it. Always get to know the feelings of the people and the respect of yours in the environment. I duly engrave this game to all the viewers happy business making by managing the overcoming world class press media.

Download Size: 56 MB

1 comment:

Marc Smith said...

Newspapers i read a lot. But making business from it is just awesome.

Liked the way media catches and publishes the news. Knowledgeble and a complete business game.

Liked it!