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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Plant Tycoon

Plant Tycoon is a fantastic game to nurture and show your love towards the plants. This is the most searched for tycoon games in google search. But in the tycoon games category this game now also rocks on the top position for getting the most effective love on plants. I tell all my viewers to play this game for the sound nurturing of the seeds to an amazing plants is just great. In the green side you can soil the pots. Them water them. Seed them. Them see how your plant grows in the levels of 4 speed functions. I suggest to keep it on the east mode so that you do not waste the time whole day to see the plant growing. The best aspect in this game is that you can sell these plants at a price which you decide. The awful part is that you can catch bugs around and play for a while in the game as it earns some amount of money. The aspiring and wonderful are the upgrades provided in the game so that you can make most of the upgrades. Enjoy this venture a lot so that the best of the line of plants you sow just peep in to the real world. I know that there games do not have good speech facilities but the music in the game is charming and most adorable.

Download size 32MB

2 comments: said...

Learn to Plant trees and minimize the pollution!!

Very globally accepted human eco-friendly game!

Marc Smith said...

Plants plants and plants
Its obvious that in our day to day life i get so busy i forget to water the plants.

but in this game i get a chance to do so..

thank u very very very much