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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Artist Colony

Artist Colony- It is a complete blast while playing this enormous & artistic game. I duely present you the most encouranging and most lovable game for tycoon players. I suggest you to download this game straight away without any hesitation. The most aspiring thought of this game is the beautiful colony and the artistic characters used in the game. The restoration of the town is just enchanting. I have played this game with a keen interest that too not in the profession of artists. But for the artists a very best of kind of hand which they need or they are aspiring for years. Best game for artists is presenting only on the most free full version games site that is The idea in making this game is just phenomenal. I have very few words to express rest of it you have to enjoy lie game! The hand comprises of the most of the different artists like the painters, sculptors, musical, dancers these are not few there is more to come. The training level of there artists are up to a max 10 levels. The most interesting part of the game is to handle the artists. Their interest level and energy levels have to be managed from time to time. This is not over my friends this training is of spect use to out class the talent. For example a painter of level 4 can draw a painting of level 4 and that painting goes to the gallery for the rich visitors to buy. The most inspirational part of this hand is the amount of money which we get from there paintings is unexpectable. Finally this money can be used to buy the restores of the colony which was devastated earlier. It the the job of you now to restore tip loving and beautiful colony. Enjoy!

Download Size: 91MB

2 comments: said...

Make your dream artist colony!!!!!!

Marc Smith said...

I was an artist in my childhood days and i really like to cherish those moments now.

Cheers!!!! to give this game.

Nice graphics