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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Inca's Legacy

The Inca's Legacy [FINAL|106 mb

A young adventurous archeologist helps his friend Mary Ocean in studying her father's archeological finds. Mary's father studied Inca civilization for years and Mary hopes to find directions to Paititi, a mythical city of Inca in his notes. Legends tell that Paititi had been built entirely of pure gold and the most precious artifacts of the old kingdom were kept in the city. In search for Paititi the young adventurers find traces of a lost expedition that was also searching for countless treasures of the mythical city. Soon they discover what the true treasure of Paititi really is…

Accompany the young adventures in their dangerous endeavor and help them solve puzzles and uncover the mystery of the legendary city of Inca!
Download Size: 106MB

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