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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sylvenia - Fantasy Poker

Sylvenia - Fantasy Poker v1.0.multi2.full-THETA | 168 MB
Blending together the strengths of fantasy collectible card games (like Magic) and the casualness of Poker, Sylvenia - Fantasy Poker opens the door to a new fantasy world, with resources, spells and rituals, Champions to upgrade and decks to customize.
Choose any of the five included Champions and fight your own way in Arena and Tournaments. Use clever bets, powerful magic and well prepared strategy to attain victory.
You will unlock Trophies and receive rewards from your playtime and achievements. Upgrade your Champions with experience points, and choose how you want them to level. Create your own Multiplayer Champion and upgrade him with new powerful bonuses.
While Sylvenia – Fantasy Poker already has enough content for hours of playing, this is only a beginning - other free updates are already on their way. Make your persistent Avatar ready for the challenges to come, for a later free update will open the door to full customization, multiplayer, cooperative teamplay and epic Tournaments.

* Immersive fantasy portrayed with very high resolution 2D graphics, taking life thanks to the game’s captivating soundtrack.
* Take control of any of the 5 included Champions and make them earn experience and levels in arenas and tournaments. Choose their upgrades when they level, and customize them to your liking!
* Create your own persistent, evolving Multiplayer Champion, and customize his own abilities. Make him ready for the soon available multiplayer battles. Now is the right time to make him stronger!
* The included, comprehensive Trophy system allows you to set your own objectives for each game. Unlocking Trophies reward you with points to power up your multiplayer Avatar!
* Completely free updates, called ‘Crystal Updates’, will add new features to the game, including new Trophies and new content.
Download Size: 168Mb

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