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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vacant Sky Act III

Vacant Sky Act III: Angel of Justice | 156,35mb
Now aware of her true nature and the goals of the Virad, Auria has to make a decision. At the end of her path stands Ejaro Derayan, the man who stole everything from her: her future, her best friend, and even her life. Now armed with the knowledge and the means to finally get her revenge, she must decide how much she’s willing to throw away in order to obtain it.
When the very fact of her continuing existence is a threat to the world and everyone living in it, how can she muster the will to do the right thing?
Act III brings closure to Auria’s story and will present her with a series of challenges and difficult choices which will shape her life and the lives of everyone around her forever.

Changes From Act II

* Regeneration and Rejuvenation are a percentage of max HP/SP now
* Changed SP cost of healing abilities to make them more efficient
* Edited stat growth of Vel and Rien to make them more useful
* Fixed bug with the way Reactions are changed in the menu

* New battle algorithms which, instead of having hard damage/dodge limits, have an elastic effect (i.e., every point you put in a stat is useful)
* Streamlined Ascension elements
* New menu UI
* Changed and added icons for a lot of items (especially accessories)
* Reduced encounter rate in Maladorr Manor
* Fixed the frequency and timing of the “headaches” in Maladorr Manor

New Features:
*New Status Effects: From Alert (immunity to Vital Hits) to Lucky (passively manipulate probability), there are plenty of new tactical statuses, both positive and negative
*Multiple Endings: There are a total of five endings you can collect, counting Bad Ends.
*New Cycle: Completing one of the two main endings will allow you to restart Act III with your old items and stats so that you can take another path.
*Void Arena: Re-fight a more powerful version of any boss you’ve previously fought for great rewards.
*New Party Members: Collect up to two new party members, depending on your decisions.
Download Size: 156MB

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