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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chemist Tycoon

Welcome to Chemist Tycoon. This game is for the enthusiasts who love to manage a Medical or a Chemist Drugstore. Here it is a Medical students dream who is a Pharmaceutical students attains his degree and is ready to own his Chemist drugstore. In this store you can do research make new medicines. And can also make the best out of the medicines. Buy medicines at a cheaper rate and you won`t belive it some medicines can give upto 400% profit. You can imagine with such an income you can make very good upgrades and make the drugstore a best of its kind!!

Download Size: 57.5Mb

1 comment: said...

@Gaurav: Thats ok. When the Rapidshare Website opens then wait and then click on Download an download the setup of the game to your computer.

Run the setup and enjoy the game!
Its that easy.