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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ice Cream Craze Tycoon

Special game for summer. This is a really delicious game. Love ice cream, then try to sell it and make money. A graduate girl sees a truck for sale. And unknowingly with a dream and ambition the girl makes a desire to generate a lot of income from the ice cream business. Her dream comes true in this game as a ice cream truck provides the platform. The upgrades in the game are very fantastic. And the much more intreresting fact is the events for which she participates surely earns money and reputation to achieve the goals. I like this game a lot becoz it is not a time management game. But if u do all the activities in limited time. Surely you will achieve the goals faster. My best wishes to you for making your best ice cream company. Enjoy!!

Download Size: 41 Mb


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Problem Link said...

@MAuricio: There is no problem in the link. I tested my self. You just have to click on Download tab and then there on regular download thats it!!