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Monday, May 3, 2010

Eco-friendly Tycoon

So ready to turn your environment into green. Here is the presentation of the eco tycoon game. Which is fantastically turned up into eco-friendly type. The more ascertain in this game is that you have to make construct bulidings that are friendly to the environment. Like green houses and many more. The objective in this simulation game is to gain more and more popularity for the environment friendly city you have to develop. In this very small game you will certainly get a lot of features making the most of it. I should always tell up my friends go green go eco-friendly.

Download Size: 58Mb


NISACHAR said...

Hey i have played this game good game but u cant manage it u lose it too soon.
2/5 said...

It's up to you to balance the nation's economy, power levels, food supplies, water supplies, and natural resources while working to reduce CO2 levels and keeping population happy. Set up government policies such as introducing a carbon tax, subsidizing domestic solar panels and encouraging the use of public transport to try to cut down CO2 emissions and save money. Watch out for natural disasters including earthquakes, tsunamis, oil spills and nuclear waste �" they are a direct result of your performance