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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fish Tycoon

Here it is your own aquarium. Develop it, add fishes. Invite people to come to your aquarium. Make it look attractive with the upgrades. This simulation game is a great honour for me to present to my readers. As this game includes all the parts of buying the normal fishes to the most rare breeds of fishes. As I like to see the beautiful fishes in the fish ponds and other places it is a very awesome experience while playing this game. This game was rated one of the top 10 games of the best simulation games globally. My research and experience in the game suggests you to play this very natural game and discover your love towards fishes and money. Buy supplies, ornaments and chemicals for the water tank provided to you. Just a game to relish the facts of loving your ocean. And do not forget to find the Magic fish as it is the rarest in the game. Enjoy!

Download Size: 12.8 Mb

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